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Theatre Lane by Matilda Watson

PROJECT LOCATION:  Newcastle, Australia

The Theatre Lane project is involved in a discussion about the role of abandoned and decaying architecture in city centres and their effect on identity loss. This project looks at the re-use of the former Victoria Theatre and the idea of a social tomb. The scheme proposes to renew Newcastle’s abandoned CBD through the re-introduction of places of public pleasure, the dark, nocturnal, lost types of taboo spaces – places out of the fringes or odd corners of our culture. Hidden inside the decaying fabric of the city – a nocturnal after hours facility – that encourages bad behaviour – in constructed for Newcastle’s city centre. Accommodating a bar / restaurant, nightclub, and seedy hotel for the inebriated – the project aims to explore the immoral underbelly of our city. Concerned with activities of consumption, display, exchange and the architectural and urban spaces they take place in – with major focus being placed on the ideas of freedom and containment, display and concealment and desire and disgust.