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Newcastle Urban Window


LOCATION:   ‪Scott Street, Newcastle

‪This project looks at opportunities to provide a mixed-use redevelopment framework for the existing Newcastle railway station that will effectively offers connectivity between hospitality environment and urban revitalization strategy. Since the closure of BHP steelworks, the economy of Newcastle is increasingly dependent on tourism. Increasing the amount of hospitality environment to revitalize the city area will not only boost the tourism industry of Newcastle but also increase the human density leading to a better quality of sustainable city.

There is no doubt that the water front of Newcastle East will be highly influential in shaping the future urban form in its proximity, as it centers on the core economic area of the city. The new urban form will center around key spatial component of the site, namely, the high speed railway station.

The proposed project is designed integrated with the existing railway station, seeking for opportunities to open up the site offering more urban connectivity and density.

Lim Tiong Haan