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Urban Art Collective & Youth Zone by Christopher Paolino

The Urban Art Collective and Youth Zone project, situated in the newly gentrified and commercialised Cockle Bay precinct, explores the role of architecture in utilising the potential of residual spaces in the expanding urban landscape as well as juxtaposing divergent social elements to form a cohesive, symbiotic whole.

It aims to suggest the interplay possible between mainstream commercialisation and the marginalised world of youth street culture. Traditionally, youth street culture is seen as a social anathema however, by placing the project in this prominent area, it is envisaged that it will have an educative effect on the public, resulting in a rehabilitation of its image.

This parasitic style of architecture, embodied in the project’s siting and form, is a metaphorical reference to the stereotyped social positioning of street culture. It also aims to explore the potential to use ‘overlooked’ spaces to create a symbiotic relationship between usable and public space.