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Revitilization of James Fletcher Hospital by Verne Chin


LOCATION:  Former James Fletcher Hospital, Newcastle

Psychiatric health centre is used to help patients with various mental illness to be treated accordingly in manner. The health centre comprises of two segments throughout the whole program, which separate the public zone and private zone. On the other hand, research centre is established alongside with the health centre to find out and discover more methodologies in healing the patients. Open spaces, courtyards as well as natural lighting through voids and skylights are utilized to make sure patients able to interact with the nature thus increase the recovery rate.

The site is located at the former James Fletcher hospital site which is adjacent to the current courthouse as well as near the police station of Newcastle. Due to the nature of the site located adjacent to the historical significances in relate with birth of Newcastle, public flow will be invited into the site eventually. Public flow will increase the interaction towards the patients thus increase the utilization of the courtyard spaces and open spaces.

Verne Chin