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Vizag Manna by Lauren Maher

“Building is not the issue, the question I am raising is how come we are not asking whether it is negligently done or beautifully done?”

Bijoy Jain

The Vizag Manna project located in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India, is as its parts, a school, church and children’s home. Yet following a holistic design approach to its site and functions the spaces of the Vizag Manna project are intimately interconnected and explicable by reference to the whole.

Jain’s idea of incompleteness in completeness strongly influenced the project, Architecture in India has always had extensions, time was never thought of as static. No project is complete or incomplete, it is in process.

The economic realities of the project forces a humility on materials and detailing, resulting in an architecture that is deeply rooted in the technical, social and environmental realities of its site. The design also needed to respond to the way it could provide; safety, health, education, spirituality, and inclusiveness to children who have often come from unimaginable hardship. This resulted in a quiet architecture that imbues a sense of beauty and dignity in the way it conceals and reveals the life within it.