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War Artist’s Village by Azzah Adibah Zulkifli

The selection of this project is from the idea of Newcastle City Council to cater the issue of abandoned buildings in Newcastle. The Shepherds Hill military fortification, which was once coordinated Newcastle’s various coastal defenses during World War II, has fallen into disrepair. In a vision of reclaiming Newcastle’s industrial past from dereliction, thus, the goal is to bring Newcastle’s old abandoned Shepherds Hill fortification back to life by transforming the currently disused building into a vibrant and functional War Artist’s Village.
People emerging from the conflicts of war often look forward to new hope and courage in order to continue living life. These people wanted to continue living, but struggling with the memories of their past – the past that will never be forgotten. These memories should be kept and conserved for future Aussie generations by means of constructing a place to reminisce. This is a place for war artists, photojournalists and curators to work, live and exhibit their artworks to reveal the hidden stories behind wars.