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White Bay Repository by Luke Pigliacampo

PROJECT LOCATION:  Rozelle, Sydney

It is ascertained that architecture is capable of both uncovering a story and reinterpreting the stories within our society. The White Bay Repository represents an exploration into the memory and symbolism of abandoned spaces and the cultural displacement of industry.

The project presents an investigation into the remains of White Bay Power Station. The connection between the coal and burning for power and the rituals of death as a symbol of the perpetual life cycle of death and rebirth.

The White Bay Repository challenges social perceptions of death, a symbol of mortality reinterpreted in the form of a morgue, mortuary, crematorium, cemetery and archive- the cycle of consumption ensconced within the urban fabric as the smouldering stacks stand in perpetual mourning.

‘The complimentary worlds of the living and the dead… the image of the awesome chaos before the Creation, a chaos to which man returns to in death’
Claude-Nicolas Ledoux 1785