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Performing Art Centre‬ by Yen Ying Kong


LOCATION: ‪Foreshore, Newcastle‬ East

‪The studio explored ideas of fluidity movement and transitive relationship among the edge as a means to create curl path with gradients of facade system that span accross the landscape. These ideas are the design of a Performing Arts Center sited at Foreshore Park, Newcastle East.

The Foreshore is a historical site with lanscape and naturally surrounded by contour hill which defined its flat landscape. It is north orientated where could capture great vision to well-defined natural elevation, For Scrachely Hill and Nobby’s Head.

The site is part of the heritage walk, a leisure area that served for local’s daily activities within the park. With this, the site has a unique opportunity to rethink the role of Performing Art Center in relation to public landscape.

Yen Ying Kong