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  • Urban Retreat by James Walters

  • The Body Farm by Julie Hanna

  • Typhoon Shelters by Anne Robson

  • Architectural Choreography by Natalie Stokes

  • THE RABBIT [W]hole by Nicholas Flatman

  • Paddington Therapeutic Centre by Yang-Po, Hung

  • Academy of Physical Theatre by Elise Honeyman

    wall approach render
  • Islington Housing by Rebecca Evans

    Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 12.58.13 pm
  • Dementia Residential Care by Rachel Ju Wei, Lee

    Light Concept - 02
  • Carrington Community Centre by Fara Amilia Mat Isa

    ACCamera B correct
  • Urban Green by Steven Li

    216x154 steven
  • A Level Playing Field by Emma Foster

    Emma Foster_125x125_Image
  • IPCSA by Amir Taheri

  • Metis: An Urban Refinery by Ava Shirley

    Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 3.47.09 pm
  • School of Creative & Performing Arts by Zalikha Zaidi

    Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 3.09.23 pm
  • Artisan Exchange by Scarlett Whalan

    website 1
  • Korean Cultural Centre by Jaehoon Kim

  • Centre of Contemporary Performing Arts – Sook Teng Koh

    00 right
  • Urban Art Collective & Youth Zone by Christopher Paolino

    big image
  • Stockton Pools by Rachel Wilkes

    Image B
  • Newcastle Cultural Annexes by Noel Yaxley

  • Kangaroo Valley Cheese + Creamery by Bonnie Marcus

  • Vizag Manna by Lauren Maher

    Section Library
  • [ONE] Interfaith Temple by Jeevitha Subramaniam

  • Wickham Agora by Blake Holmes

  • Broadcast Campus by Basil Bullock

  • Semai Aborigine Culture Centre by Ain Zawawi

    perspective 3
  • Renew Newcastle Airport by Jennifer Wong Woon Sze

  • A “Hawker Culture” Hub @ Central by Farah Yussof

  • Cammeray Public High School by Zoha Fard

  • the art F*****Y by Yici Yang

    Image 5
  • Memento Mori by Natalie Scott

  • Lake Cowal Housing by Ankita Aranake

    view 1
  • Maritime Training Facility by Anh Tuan To

  • The Habitable Bridge by Grace Chit Tze Hui

  • Façade by Ange Segal

  • Newcastle Foreshore Development by Ho, Swee Tim

  • The Last Tank Farm: Upsize Down by Rohan Bodman

    Rohan Bodman BIG
  • Athcourt Lane by Andy Carson

    Image 3
  • Community Food Hub and Education Centre by Dylan Try

    Stage 6
  • OCCUPY: Barangaroo by Kristina Hay

    1 capitalist tower
  • Contemporary Hindu Temple by Rashmitra Lohanazan

  • Pole of Inaccessibility Station by Rosie Adams-Schimminger

  • Charnel-House by Timothy Burke

  • Jen’s House by Rebekah Martin

    R_Martin_Jens House Image 10
  • Royal Ship Breakers by Troy Newman

  • Middle Head Denouement by Louise Eddie

  • Watershed by Eleri Smith

    Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 11.31.10 pm
  • [un]made newcastle

  • Announcing [un]made 2014

    unmade banner2
  • Open Lectures

  • Stadium Puteri Harbour by Norman Teh

  • The Shelter by Yolian Chin

  • War Artist’s Village by Azzah Adibah Zulkifli

    Slide 1
  • Maitland Community Cultural by Mashal Moughal

    catimahe 1-colour
  • NewSpace by Rachel Eng

  • Sustainable Building Centre by Josie Hills

  • UoN NeW Space by Roy Ken Jeen Chuah

  • Newcastle Casino by Ashwin Kandiah

    render 1
  • by Mei Qing Tan

  • Stockton Therapeutic Community Centre by Widad Alis

  • The City Within by Tom Marshall

  • Newcastle City Sports Hall by Trent Walsh

  • Hawkesbury High-rise by Peter Langford

  • Luna Viridis by Lauretta Wheeler

  • Biophilic Boneyards by Daniel Sulis

  • Newcastle School of Dance by Kenneth Ooi

  • Reconnecting the North Arm by Wade Fairley

  • Newcastle City Fodder Factory – Newcastle Railway Station by Jessica Garnham (Hume)

  • Memento Mori – Palliative Care by Joshua Downie

  • Newcastle City Library By Wan Hanafiah Asyraf

  • Newcastle Centre of Dianetics by Hadzray Amer

  • House of Creative Industries by Peter Bleus

  • Ourimbah Equine Facility by Rhian Leek

  • Ephemeros by Mark Tisdell

  • Fashion School by Lip Khai Tan

  • Floating Vertical Farm by Yue Wei Tan

  • The Nine Muses by Daphne Kua

  • Canyon Colliery Research Centre by Anthony Durack

  • Building 150, Cockatoo Island by Johann Harris Sulaiman

  • The Bathhouse by Mahrizah Othman

  • The Yolluta Primary School by Michael Hong

  • The Pillinger Sanctuary by Luke Walker

  • Autism Centre, by Nadiah Salihah Binti Nasrudin

  • Westfield Kotara Prison Factory, by Simon Dunne

    Front Perspective 01
  • Defence Arts Therapy Centre, by Joe Larkings

  • The Newcastle Exchange by Edward Page

  • Residual Newcastle Project by Cho Ling

  • James Fletcher Sanctuary by Christian Barkowski

  • Newcastle New Art School by Huan Song Sia

  • Children Respite Centre by Kah Chuan Tan

    ok front view copy
  • Cultural Infused Retiremant Home by Linxin Chong

  • The Affordable housing by Qing Zhi, Boo

  • 2013 Sydney Exhibition

  • Brewers Co-Op by Katrina Goddard

  • Newcastle Film Institute by Percy Damian

    3D View 3
  • Cessnock PCYC by Iain Whitford

  • Bull Street Housing Co-operative by Andrew Carlsen

  • Gosford Waterfront Park & Aquatic Centre by Aaron Hughes

  • Newcastle School of Arts by Adam Bennett

  • Newcastle Digital Library by Allan Pearson

  • Lake Macquarie Quay by Bradley Phillips

  • Extension of the Newcastle Art Gallery and Library by Darius Tham

    Darbt St Facade
  • Studio STAR by Davina Dave

  • Cottage Creek Cycleway by Ezdihar Ibrahim

    bird eye perspective
  • The Co-Operative by Gemma Savio

    10 (Custom)
  • Newcastle House of Arts by Jacob Griffith

  • Art Prison‬ by Jamie Thomson

  • Retirement in the City by Jennifer Lok

    Jennifer Lok_IMG SMALL 01
  • Newcastle Industrial Museum by Malcom Lim

  • Psych Boutique Hotel and Clubhouse by Mohd Reza Afandy Mohamad Radzi

    Mohd Reza Afandy Mohamad Radzi_FEAT
  • Newcastle Maritime Museum by Muhammad Nafis Edruce

  • Mixed Community Residential On Rail Track by Mun Mun Ho

  • The Refuge‬ by Nur Afifah Intanjudin

  • Spiritual Martial Arts School with a Bath of Flower by Nuraimi Idris

    Nuraimi Idris_IMG FEAT
  • ‪The Multifaith Centre for Spiritual Studies and Practice‬ by Nurulhuda Ahmad Faris

    Nurulhuda Ahmad Faris_IMG SMALL 01
  • Newcastle Marine Research Centre by Rianda Barnes

    AUD main cross section
  • ‪Tall Timbers Central Coast Regional Council‬ by Robert O’Connell

    Robert O'Connell_IMG SMALL 01
  • Newcastle Habitable Bridge by Sherna Sulianto

  • Newcastle Civic Market by Kian San Lam

  • Newcastle Design Center by Sepideh Pouyadel

  • The Pemulwuy Project by Tao Shi

  • Newcastle Urban Window

    Urban Window_1
  • Revitilization of James Fletcher Hospital by Verne Chin

  • Performing Art Centre‬ by Yen Ying Kong

    1 copy
  • Quay Forum by Yi Wu

  • City Centre by Abdullah Alshayeb

    Abdullah Alshayeb_IMG
  • Newcastle Exhibition Centre by Adam Boon

    Adam Boon_IMG
  • Library by Ali Khalili

    Ali Khalili_IMG
  • Central Regatta Facility by Amber Woollard

    Amber Woollard_IMG
  • Kuching Cultural Centre by Ammon Then

    Ammon Then_IMG
  • The Palace of the Dogs by Ben Egan

    Ben Egan_IMG
  • The Caves by Brenton Porter

    Brenton Porter_IMG
  • University of Newcastle – School of Business by Catherine Liew

    Catherine Liew_IMG
  • Newcastle Forum by Christina Goodman

    Christina Goodman_IMG
  • The Chambers by Claudine Kaminski

    Claudine Kaminski_IMG
  • Living Library by Daniel Colthorpe

    Daniel Colthorpe_IMG
  • Urban Sporting Facility by Daniel Gauci

    Daniel Gauci_IMG
  • UC Research School of Earth Science by Dena Hamed

    Dena Hamed_IMG
  • Fractal Modularity by Dillon Koh Chin Aik

    Dillon Koh Chin Aik_IMG
  • Community Centre for Ethnic People by Dinh Ha Ninh

    Dinh Ha Ninh_IMG
  • Newcastle Art Gallery & Library Extension by Dylan Chen

    Dylan Chen_IMG
  • Cultural Centre by Emir Izzat Raduan

    Emir Izzat Raduan_IMG
  • Entrepreneurial Innovation Incubator by Gregory Lee

    Gregory Lee_IMG
  • Cathedral Park Maternity Hospital by Hannah Fulcher

    Hannah Fulcher_IMG
  • Energy Research Centre by Jamil Hijazi

    Jamil Hijazi_IMG
  • The Vertical University (Raffles) by Jessica Yeo

    Jessica Yeo_IMG
  • SecondLife by Joanna Choy

    Joanna Choy_IMG
  • Mixed Use Housing by Joseph Wong

    Joseph Wong_IMG
  • Paddington Refuge & Retail by Josephine Redden

    Josephine Redden_IMG
  • Hunter Street Market by Kian Yong Lim

    Kian Yong Lim_IMG
  • Allambi House by Laura Bottomley

    Laura Bottomley_IMG
  • Newcastle Law Courts by Laura Milner

    Laura Milner_IMG
  • Malaysian Institute of Architects by Liyana Hairi

    Liyana Hairi_IMG
  • Theatre Lane by Matilda Watson

    Matilda Watson_IMG
  • Cottage Creek by Matthew Boyle

    Matthew Boyle_IMG
  • University of Newcastle City Campus by Mohanalingam Thiruvengidom

    Mohanalingam Thiruvengidom_IMG
  • Newcastle Idea Store by Mohd Hazimin Abdullah

    Mohd Hazimin Abdullah_IMG
  • Sibu Ferry Terminal by Mohd Isa Aziz Jaafar

    Mohd Isa Aziz Jaafar_IMG
  • Newcastle Region Art Gallery by Mohd Fadhlan Mahbob

    Mohd Mahbob_IMG
  • Cultural Bridging Model by Murali Sundaralingam

    Murali Sundaralingam_IMG
  • The Pits by Neil Brown

    Neil Brown_IMG
  • The Rothbury School of Viticulture & Oenology by Nicholas Foulcher

    Nicholas Foulcher_IMG
  • Natural Science Laboratory by Poh Kun Tang

    Poh Kun Tang_IMG
  • Stone Spirit Winery by Pouyan Madanipour

    Pouyan Madanipour_IMG
  • Parramatta Riversedge by Rachel Lowe

    Rachel Lowe_IMG
  • Riyadh Community Centre by Salem Albrekeet

    Salem Albrekeet_IMG
  • LMCC Civic Mixed-Use Scheme by Sarah Reid

    Sarah Reid_IMG
  • School of Art + Extension of Art Gallery by Serene Chong

  • Scott’s Corner by Tristan Parkes

    Tristan Parkes_IMG
  • University of Newcastle – Architecture School by Wun Wong

    Wun Wong_IMG